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March 12, 2023

The Fonda Family, 1963

The Fonda dynasty consists of three generations of award-winning film actors, but there’s much more to this family than their time in the Hollywood spotlight.

The Fondas weren’t just movie stars. They were active in the social and political issues of their time and still aren’t afraid to use their voices for causes they care about. But even more scrutiny comes when you directly and unapologetically oppose authority.

From the Golden Age of Hollywood’s Henry Fonda to today’s octogenarian superwoman Jane Fonda, who has been both hated and revered, the first family of film has experienced more than their fair share of very public tragedy, controversy, and estrangement from one another. Still, there is much to be fascinated with and admire about the Fondas.

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  1. no thanks, actors are not politicians nor government. The expertise lies in the ability to act. Jane Fonda did more harm than anyone else in her era.




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