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March 26, 2023

Amazing Vintage Pachimon Playing Cards From the 1970s

Pachimon was created by Yokopro in the 1970s, around the time kaiju and Tokusatsu were very popular in Japan. The cards consists of several “Pachimon,” monsters often based on those from popular kaiju series such as Godzilla, Gamera and the Ultra Series, usually shown attacking famous cities or places.

The playing card variations feature information on each monster, including its height, weight, and subtitle.

Although quite obscure, the Pachimon kaiju have garnered something of a cult following among Japanese collectors and otaku, which has resulted in vinyl figures (both official products and custom built independents), fan-made video games, and short films.

The following set of promotional playing cards were produced by the Kewpie Corporation and featured original creature artwork along with related names and stats. However, these cards are still often lumped together with other Pachimon due to some of the designs still being derivative of existing characters.

1 -- Kyuradorosu (vampire monster)/ Height: 5 meters/ Weight: 800 kilograms/ From Chiba

2 -- Kashuasu (pollution monster)/ Height: 10 meters/ Weight: 3,000 tons/ From Osaka

3 -- Gohoho (ice monster)/ 18m/ 10,000 tons/ From the South Pole, moved to Tokyo

4 -- Altamegaro (space monster)/ 35m/ Weight unknown/ From Alta W, planet 5

5 -- Deredoron (pesticide monster)/ 20m/ 10,000 tons/ From Tohoku

6 -- Tapikurosaurus (ancient monster)/ 35m/ 9,000 tons/ From Kyushu

7 -- Elekipurosu (electric humanoid)/ 25m/ 15,000 tons/ From Kurobe Dam

8 -- Meji (space wolf)/ 16m/ 5 tons/ From Meteoroid R

9 -- Eru (space monster)/ 32m/ 18,000 tons/ From the planet Pegasus

10 -- Puradon (space monster)/ 32m/ 5,000 tons/ From Galaxy W, planet 8

J -- Mambaa (monster fish)/ 20m/ 15,000 tons/ From the Arctic depths

Q -- Oapiaa (proto-Saharan)/ 6m/ 1 ton/ From the Sahara Desert

K -- Alien Achiira (space monster)/ 15m/ 9 tons/ From the planet Achiira, moved to Japan Alps

1 -- Methanoron (pollution monster)/ 28m/ 30,000 tons/ From Tokyo-Kawasaki-Yokohama area

2 -- Buranpiitaa (ultrahigh-speed monster)/ 25m/ 5,000 tons/ From the planet Narcissus

3 -- Aurororas (South Pole monster)/ 85m/ 80,000 tons/ From the South Pole

4 -- Andromeropius (space monster)/ 60m/ 10,000 tons/ From the planet Sparta

5 -- Peroggaa (adhesive monster)/ 30m/ 30,000 tons/ From Eagle Comet

6 -- Goroboasu (macro monster)/ 108m/ 180,000 tons/ From New York

7 -- Vacuuma (vacuum monster)/ 25m/ 6,000 tons/ From Yumenoshima

8 -- Metrokabayan (space eel)/ 46m/ 40,000 tons/ Origin unknown

9 -- Tibetron (Himalayan monster)/ 5 m/ 10,000 tons/ From the northern Himalayas

10 -- Aamu (radiowave monster)/ 60m/ 80,000 tons/ From Guam, moved to Shizuoka

J -- Jiradon (dragon)/ 15m/ 40 tons/ From the northern Alps

Q -- Kimu (space monster)/ 30m/ 20,000 tons/ From the Methane Nebula

K -- Alien Carter (alien)/ 28m/ 7,000 tons/ From the Carter Nebula

1 -- Oxydron (pollution monster)/ 35m/ 10,000 tons/ From the Tokyo suburbs

2 -- Heater (heat monster)/ 30m/ 10,000 tons/ From Hokuriku (northwest Honshu)

3 -- Jeunesse (Mach speed monster)/ 105m/ 100,000 tons/ From the M18 star cluster

4 -- Spater (space monster)/ 12m/ 2,000 tons/ From the Jupiter Nebula

5 -- Begovia (space monster)/ 70m/ 30,000 tons/ From somewhere in space

6 -- Orix (meteor monster)/ 3m/ 300kg/ From the Orionids

7 -- Kabisantaa (bacteria monster)/ 20m/ 7,000 tons/ From central China

8 -- Peshura (space mouse)/ 40m/ 20,000 tons/ From the planet Corona

9 -- Chiipaa (invisible monster)/ 23m/ 4 tons/ From Europe

10 -- H (hydrogen monster)/ 1,000m/ 500kg/ From Egypt

J -- Raru (monster bug)/ 19m/ 600kg/ From the tropics

Q -- Meromeron (Meron monster)/ 23m/ 30,000 tons/ From the Meron Comet

K -- Alien Morris (alien)/ 20m/ 10,000 tons/ From the Morris meteoroid

1 -- Smogger (pollution monster)/ 45m/ 20,000 tons/ From the Kanto area

2 -- Uradon (nuclear monster)/ 40m/ 30,000 tons/ From the ocean depths, moved to Osaka

3 -- Computron (mechanical monster)/ 35m/ 8,000 tons/ From Tokyo

4 -- Gurora (space monster)/ 95m/ 120,000 tons/ From the planet Beta, moved to Tokyo area

5 -- Perebon (Saturn monster)/ 25m/ 40,000 tons/ From Saturn

6 -- Menakujira (soft-bodied monster)/ 40m/ 40,000 tons/ From Okutama

7 -- Pla-king (plastic man)/ 20m/ 5 tons/ From Kanagawa prefecture

8 -- Okusu (space gorilla)/ 30m/ 30,000 tons/ From the planet Claude

9 -- Betarasu (fifth-dimension monster)/ 7m/ less than 1kg/ From the fifth dimension

10 -- Buruburu (ape monster)/ 45m/ 6 tons/ From the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro

J -- Glamingo (bird monster)/ 3m/ 400kg/ From northern Alaska, moved to Hokkaido

Q -- Pira (solar monster)/ 13m/ 300kg/ From near the sun

K -- Alien Iron (alien)/ 40m/ 20,000 tons/ From the planet Sigma




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