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March 4, 2023

40 Amazing Photos of 17th and 18th Century Buildings in Eastern Massachusetts

This collection of late 19th century photographs from Boston Public Library that shows 17th and 18th century buildings in Eastern Massachusetts, they was compiled by the Liberty Tree Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The mounted photographs consist of homes, taverns, churches, stores, and public buildings. The D. A. R. was founded in 1890, during a time that was marked by a revival in patriotism and intense interest in the beginnings of the United States of America. The collection, compiled in the early years of the Colonial Revival, is a record of many buildings subsequently altered or no longer extant.

Weymouth Heights, 18th-century house

Bedford, Clark-Sampson house, built about 1733

Bedford, Reed house, Domine manse, built 1729

Bedford, Samuel Davis homestead, built 1690. The present-owner, 7th in direct succession has the original and only deed of the farm

Boston, "Old Cocked Hat", Dock Square, 1680

Burlington, First Church, about 1747

Cambridge, Craigie House, 1760

Chelsea, Gov. Bellingham mansion, 1670

Concord, a saddler's shop in 1775 owned by Rueben Brown

Concord, owned and occupied in 1775 by Jonas Lee. Now called the Walcott House

Concord, the Old Manse, 1766

Cradock House, 350 Riverside Ave., 1634

Dorchester, Clap House, 1767

Dorchester, Edward Everett house, about 1740

Dorchester, Pierce House, 1634

Duxbury, John Alden house, 1653

East Braintree, church floated down the harbor from Hollis Street, Boston in 1809, built 1788

Fairbanks House, Dedham, 1636

Gov. Simon Bradstreet House, North Andover, built in 1667

Greenland, Week's House, bayside, early 18th century

Greenland, Weeks' House, about 1710

Loring and Greenough House, Jamaica Plain, 1760

Newbury, Noyes House, between 1640-50

Old mill and powder house, West Somerville, owned by John Mallet 1703-04. In 1775, it became a magazine of the American army

Plymouth, Howland House, 1666

Plymouth, Wilheim Crew house, 1664

Roxbury, Craft house, Tremont Street, 1709

Roxbury, old Norfolk house, Lambert Street, 1781

Salem, Pickering House. Broad St., built around 1651

Salem, Roger Williams house, built before 1634

Salem, Shattuck house. Built before 1660

South Duxbury, Standish house, 1660

Watertown, Abram Browne House, 1632

Wayland, Morse house, before 1780

Wayland, Pequod house, before 1771

Wayland, Reeve's house, about 1715

West Roxbury, Draper house, 17th century

West Roxbury, Second Parish Church where Theodore Parker preached, 1773

Wilton, N. H., Peabody house, before 1770

Wilton, N. H., Rev. Jonathan Livermore house, about 1763

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  1. That Fairbanks House in Dedham is still there. Douglas Sr & Junior are related.




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