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March 25, 2023

Vintage Portraits of Elton John Wearing His Unique Glasses in the 1970s

Known as the singer of some of the most recognizable melodies of our time, Elton John has been a musical powerhouse for his entire career. But another thing he’s known for is his flamboyant sense of style: the costumes, the fancy dress, and the ever-present, almost kaleidoscopic collection of big glasses that accompany his every outfit. He claims to own a whopping 250,000 pairs of sunglasses and has been seen donning an outrageous selection of spectacles over the years.

Elton John began wearing glasses as a tribute to one of the great icons of 1950’s rock and roll, Buddy Holly. After Holly’s death in a tragic plane crash, Elton continued to wear the glasses out of respect, but when he started developing problems with his eyesight, he decided to go a little fancy with the selections offered by his ophthalmologist. They were small designs at first, like circle glasses—but soon enough, the up-and-coming music icon just leaned into it.

The glasses became an inseparable part of his own unique style, one that characterized both his personality and the kind of music that he shared with the world. Even after getting corrective eye surgery and announcing his farewell tour, the star is almost never seen without a dazzling eye-wear accessory in his appearances.


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