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March 6, 2023

30 Amazing Photographs of David Gilmour on Stage in the 1970s

David Gilmour is very well-known for the voice and guitar of the legendary Pink Floyd. As one of the main band members he had spent almost three decades with the Pink Floyd and subsequently led the band following Roger Waters’s departure.

The vocalist and guitarist for Pink Floyd was born in Cambridge, London in March 6, 1946. When a teenager he went to Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology and met Syd Barrett and together they used to spend their lunch times playing guitar. They had spent a lot of their guitar sessions playing The Beatles tunes. Continuing as a youngster, Gilmour joined a band called Joker’s Wild during 1963 for three years and in 1966 he left had and joined a band called Bullitt which then changed to Flowers.

Gilmour had spent a lot of his time playing in Spain and France with his band Flowers and two years later he received a call from Pink Floyd asking him to join them for the purpose of replacing the dysfunctional band member Syd Barrett engaged in excess drug consumptions. He started filling in for Syd’s absent days until eventually Syd became unworkable and left the band. Gilmour then permanently replaced him and then took advantage of becoming the lead guitarist and participated with the lead vocals with Roger.

What he did for Pink Floyd David Gilmour is well known for his soothing guitar sound with delicate string bends and slides that makes his playing style unique to many others. This along with his heavenly voice sound is used widely on most of the successful Pink Floyd albums in the 1970s including the band’s biggest ever album Dark Side of the Moon. Gilmour owned much of the Pink Floyd sound.

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  1. Cambridge isn't in London: it's an entirely separate city about 50 miles to the north.




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