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March 24, 2023

22 Fabulous Photos of 1940 Mercury Series 09A Custom Coupe

Few cars ever lent themselves better to customizing than the muscularly bulbous 1940 Mercury. Ford Motor Co. had introduced Mercury just the year before, in a move to fill the void that existed between the low-priced everyman’s Ford V-8 and the luxurious, expensive and exclusive Lincoln Zephyr V-12.

Additional early ’40s custom touches include the ’37 DeSoto ‘ripple’ bumpers; ’41 Studebaker taillights, teardrop skirts and ‘flipper’ hubcaps. The unusual above-the-bumper dual exhausts are the way they were, as are the dual Appleton spotlights.

A 1940 flat-head V-8 block was bored and stroked to 276 cubic inches for the Merc. The ported and relieved engine runs an Isky 3/4 cam. Authentic pre-war speed equipment includes the chromed cylinder heads, Weiand dual-carb set-up and modified Lincoln-Zephyr V-12 dual-coil ignition. Also in the hot-rod tradition, the Merc’s three-speed manual transmission has Zephyr gears and a Zephyr two-speed overdrive rear axle.

The frame is “C’d” over the rear axle, while a Zephyr hypoid differential allowed the car to set lower without reshaping the factory-shape driveshaft tunnel. Zephyr self-energizing hydraulic brakes provide stopping power. “All of these period modifications make for a very nice driving car that can cruise comfortably at highway speeds,” the vendor states.

Take a look at these fabulous photos from Driver Source to see 1940 Mercury Series 09A Custom Coupe.


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