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March 6, 2023

Beautiful Photos of 1937 Delahaye 135 M

The 135 M (Modifie), is an upgraded version of the 135 first released in 1935. These cars typically feature custom coach built bodies and no two are identical. Combining luxurious appointments and race-winning engineering, the Delahaye 135 is one of the most desirable French cars from its time.

First shown in 1935, the 135 was an lower, more powerful and sporting version of the Type 138 model it replaced. This model was updated in 1937, to include the 3,557cc engine in various states of tune. The 135 M or Modifie featured either one or three carburetors for 95hp or 115hp. The top model was the Modifie Speciale with 135hp.

At the center of the 135 chassis was a robust six-cylinder engine. It’s simple pushrod design ensured reliability while the modest capacity gave good fuel economy. For almost fifteen years Delahaye used this engine for their most celebrated chassis.

During the late thirties the 135 Sport competed with success in Grand Prix, rally and endurance racing, winning the 1936 Marsailles GP and closely missing the French GP (but still taking second, third, forth and fifth place). Furthermore, the highlight of the 135’s career came at the 1938 LeMans 24 Hours race when Eugene Chaboud and Jean Tremoul took overall victory with their 135 Sport.

Around 50 examples of the 135 were made with a shorter chassis known as the Competition Court for small two seat coupes and cabriolets.

During the onset of war, Delahaye reverted back to their earlier commercial designs for the effort. Afterward they continued their 135 line which was tolerant of the poor fuels available after the war. The new cars featured a longer and narrower grill, but still retained the grace of the pre-war cars.


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