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March 14, 2023

35 Vintage Photos of Teenage Girls in the 1930s

While the term teenager wasn’t widely used in the 1930s, the 14-18 year old high school girl was a unique consumer of handmade and purchased clothing. Most clothing shops called them “juniors,” “junior miss,” or “misses” for the older teens. For the most part, clothing available for teens was larger sized children’s clothing or small women’s clothing. While the teenage girl had a ready opinion on what she wanted to wear, her clothing still looked like that of her mother’s.

Leaving frilly knee length little girls’ clothing behind and gradating into young womanhood, around age 14, was a right of passage. She could now wear moderate heels, stockings, jewelry, shapewear lingerie, and makeup, although she usually didn’t in her day to day life.

The teenage girl needed clothing that was “mature” yet at the same time comfortable and versatile, going from school to social activity to home five days a week. On weekends, the teenager could put on her sporty casual clothes, repeating her long list of social engagements and helping around the house too.

Take a look at these vintage photos to see what teenage girls looked like in the 1930s.


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