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February 18, 2023

Yoko Ono ft. John Lennon, (1970s)

Why does Yoko Ono sing like that?

Yoko was a student of John Cage, who was the most important composer in the world at the time. Yoko’s experimentalism is really a continuation of Cage’s work and philosophy. If you really want to understand Yoko’s music, you have to understand John Cage. If you want to understand John Cage, you have to understand his teacher, Arnold Schoenberg. If you want to understand Schoenberg, you have to understand the history of Classical Music and the crisis of tonality.

Yoko Ono became one of the most important members of Fluxus before she met John Lennon. Fluxus was an anti-art movement in the 1960s heavily influenced by Dada and by John Cage, who helped spawn the movement.

Although experimental music is very controversial and polarizing in America, Yoko has had a profound influence on music, especially Punk and Metal.

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  1. The singing voice brings with it so many memories that help listeners live in their own story.




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