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February 4, 2023

Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood Photographed by Terry O’Neill in Tucson, 1972

Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood meet by chance outside a motel in Tucson, Arizona, 1972. It’s certainly a famous photo that has appeared in many books over several decades and a favorite for reproductions on postcards and commercial posters in and around the 1970s.

Original contact sheet of Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood meeting by chance outside a motel in Tucson, Arizona, 1972.

Paul was in Tucson, Arizona at the time making the movie The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean for director John Huston. During the same year, Clint was also in Tucson and filming Joe Kidd for Universal pictures and directed by John Sturges.

In the early 1970s, Terry O’Neill found himself working more and more taking press shots for Hollywood Studios. He was naturally gifted, and after a decade spent on the streets of Swinging London, O’Neill knew a good, unposed image when he saw one. The studios liked him because the actors and directors liked him. “I can talk to anyone,” Terry recalled. “I never had a problem just striking up conversations with people, whether that person was Audrey Hepburn, Keith Richards, Paul McCartney or Sean Connery. For the most part, we were all just working. I was working behind the camera and they were working in front of it. I never treated them with kid-gloves, never gossiped behind the scenes and they trusted me to hang around to get great shots of them.

“I was on the set of a western called Joe Kidd, starring Clint Eastwood and directed by John Sturges. Clint was cool, no surprise, but didn’t really like having his picture taken. So the shots I was able to sneak in between the takes, other than a few classic portraits, were mainly off-the-cuff, when he wasn’t looking.

“Like I’ve been saying, most of the time on film sets you are just sitting around waiting for the moment when the director calls you back over to shoot the scene. So in between takes, I’d just wander around, chat to the people working and look around for opportunities for images.”


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