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February 7, 2023

25 Amazing Cover Photos of Atpuhta Magazine in the 1920s and ’30s

Atpūta (in the old spelling: Atpuhta) was an illustrated literary weekly magazine in the Latvian language of the Baltic provinces, later Latvia. It was published in 1911-1912. and 1924-1941. year. The magazine was published by the editorial office of the newspaper Jaunākās Ziņas.

Covers of Atpuhta magazine in the 1920s and ’30s

The first number of Atpūta was printed on May 1, 1911, initially it was published twice a month with a circulation of 7,000 copies as an illustrated literary and scientific magazine. The magazine stopped being published after three issues in 1912.

In 1924, A. Benjamiņš, being the editor of the newspaper Jaunākās Ziņas, resumed publishing the magazine, which became the most popular Latvian weekly magazine. It published a lot of color photographs, there were publications on various topics: education, scientific and technical achievements, about fashion and household, there was material for children, according to the “democratic taste” long stories and novels were published with sequels. Its circulation at the time of publication grew from 6 thousand to more than 70 thousand copies.

The publication of Atpūta was stopped on June 27, 1941, shortly after the invasion of Latvia by German troops. The cover of the last number 27 featured a smiling woman with a St. John’s wreath on her head. Here below is a set of amazing photos that shows covers of Atpūta magazine in the 1920s and 1930s.

Atpuhta cover, June 25, 1926

Atpuhta cover, March 31, 1926

Atpuhta cover, September 17, 1926

Atpuhta cover, February 17, 1927

Atpuhta cover, December 7, 1928

Atpuhta cover, December 21, 1928

Atpuhta cover, January 20, 1928

Atpuhta cover, June 19, 1928

Atpuhta cover, October 26, 1928

Atpuhta cover, September 28, 1928

Atpuhta cover, February 1, 1929

Atpuhta cover, January 4, 1929

Atpuhta cover, June 21, 1929

Atpuhta cover, March 29, 1929

Atpuhta cover, October 18, 1929

Atpuhta cover, September 19, 1930

Atpuhta cover, May 1, 1931

Atpuhta cover, December 16, 1932

Atpuhta cover, June 10, 1932

Atpuhta cover, May 15, 1932

Atpuhta cover, November 18, 1932

Atpuhta cover, February 16, 1934

Atpuhta cover, July 27, 1934

Atpuhta cover, June 1, 1934

Atpuhta cover, November 23, 1934


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