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January 10, 2023

20 Vintage Photographs of a Young Rod Stewart in the 1960s

Known for his signature raspy voice, Rod Stewart performed in several U.K. bands in the 1960s before launching a successful solo career.

Sir Roderick David Stewart was born at Highgate, North London, England on January 10, 1945. As a kid, he was a great fan of music. His father was a music fan, and he bought Rod a guitar in 1959, when he was six years old. Stewart was also a football fan. As he grew older, so did his passion for music. Rod started hanging out with folk singer Wizz Jones and played the harmonica. In 1963, he joined a music band, The Dimensions, where he played the harmonica and occasionally sang.

In 1964, Long John Baldry heard Stewart play the harmonica and hired him to play for his band. Stewart quit his job and joined Long’s band. From this point, he became a full-time musician. In June 1964, Stewart made his recording debut. He wasn’t with a label at this time, but by August, he signed a solo contract.

Stewart got his big break in 1967 when Jeff Beck hired him as a vocalist. Beck’s band released an album titled Truth in 1968 and the album performed well in the U.S., but not in the U.K. Beck’s band released a second album, Beck-Ola, in 1969, which also performed well. However, by this time, Stewart was no longer comfortable in the band, and so he left. He joined Faces in 1969 and was the group’s singer until 1975 when the group broke up. In the 1990s, Stewart took a break from writing songs but resumed later in 2013.


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