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January 27, 2023

Andy Warhol With Brigid Berlin’s Pug at the Factory in December 1985

Andy Warhol with Brigid Berlin’s pug at the Factory in December 1985. The photos were taken by Mark Greenberg during an assignment for the Associated Press.

Mark Greenberg: “The dog belonged to Andy’s long-time muse and Factory Studio mainstay, the legendary Brigid Berlin. Following the conceptual portraits I did with Andy, such as ‘PORTRAIT.’ I reverted to candid photojournalism. I followed him around the ‘The Factory’ while he interacted with his ‘crew.’

“Brigitte Berlin was there, wrapped in furs (it was December outside after all). She completed her ensemble by lovingly cradling one of her dear Pugs. Andy clearly had an affection for her pug, and was soon holding him quite lovingly. I quickly grabbed my light stand, strobe and umbrella, and moved it into position. I don’t remember the name of the Pug, but as Jonathan Swift is known to say; ‘Every Dog Must Have HIS Day.’”


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