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January 1, 2023

Love the ’80s? Here’s the Full Collection of Madonna’s Official Calendars From 1986 to 1989

The 1980s were a polarizing and history-defining time in the social history of the United States, especially in the musical industry. Madonna was one of the most defining musical figures of the time due to her rebellious image, controversial actions, and songs with provoking lyrics and messages.

The 1980s were a time when conservative ideals were widespread as the Moral Majority, a politically conservative group with a strict, religious agenda, took over the political and social world. Women were still viewed as inferior in the workplace, social life, and relationships. Homosexuality was seen as a sin by conservatives and members of the Church as it contrasted the “traditional family” recognized by people of the Moral Majority. A resurgence of the counterculture erupted as teens and young adults embraced anti-traditionalist ideals and provocative movements Madonna helped begin.

Known as the Queen of Pop, Madonna’s impact on the 1980’s culture and reflection on society provoked the question; “To what extent did Madonna’s message reflect and impact societal movements of the 1980s?” Madonna’s message positively impacted the younger generations of the 1980s as it brought awareness to social issues, empowered men and women, and encouraged a cultural revolution as she reflected the opposing views to widely accepted subjects of the time.

Madonna grew up under an Italian Catholic household in Michigan which would play a major role in her music later on along with the death of her mother from breast cancer. Her Catholic upbringing was one of the biggest aspects of her life and the mystery of it inspired her music. As she pursued a career in dance, her music career followed suit and she became “the long-reigning queen of reinvention” and the Queen of Pop. She said in 1986 in the New York offices of Warner Bros. Records, '“I like challenge and controversy – I like to tick people off.” Her music provoked intense reactions and created an “atomic impact” on the society around her especially for traditionalists and conservatives. Her songs, fashion, and behavior sparked a movement similar to the counterculture of the 1960s as she was explicit and concerned traditionalists. Her music and style appealed to teens and young adults as the content was considered radical, rebellious, and revolutionary.

Madonna was not only controversial, she is highly acknowledged in the music industry. She holds seven Grammy wins and twenty-eight nominations, twenty MTV music awards with thirty-one nominations, along with many other awards. Her music was not only recognized by the people of the 1980s, she was also highly acclaimed in the industry itself.


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