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December 3, 2022

40 Vintage Photographs of Lancaster From the Late 1960s and Early ’70s

Lancaster is a city and the county town of Lancashire, England, standing on the River Lune. Its population of 52,234 compares with one of 138,375 in the wider City of Lancaster local government district.

The House of Lancaster was a branch of the English royal family. The Duchy of Lancaster still holds large estates on behalf of Charles III, who is also Duke of Lancaster. Its long history is marked by Lancaster Castle, Lancaster Priory Church, Lancaster Cathedral and the Ashton Memorial. It is the seat of Lancaster University and has a campus of the University of Cumbria.

The Port of Lancaster played a big role in the city’s growth, but for many years the outport of Glasson Dock has become the main shipping facility.

These fascinating photos from Graham Hibbert that captured street scenes of Lancaster from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Stonewell, Lancaster

Butlins John O'Groats to Lands End Race — Alfred Rozentall, Lancaster

Hinde Street, Site of Silk Mill, Lancaster

Aldcliffe Hall, the Wishing Well, Lancaster

Aldcliffe Road, Lancaster

Brewery Lane, Lancaster

Carr House Lane, St Loyes Chapel, Lancaster

Caton Road Bridge, Lancaster

Caton Road Bridge, Lancaster

Cheapside, Lancaster

Church Street, Lancaster

Common Garden Street, Lancaster

Dr Barlings Nursing Home, High Street, Lancaster

Ffrances Passage, Lancaster

Golden Lion, Moor Lane, Lancaster

Golgotha Village, Lancaster

Green Ayre, Lancaster

Interior, Old Sir Simon's Arcade, Lancaster

John O'Gaunt Gate, Lancaster

Lancaster Round Table Balloon Race, Lancaster

Monmouth Street, Lancaster

Moor Lane, Lancaster

North Road, Lancaster

Old Sir Simon's Arcade, Lancaster

Old Station, Lancaster

Pitt Street, Lancaster

River Street, Lancaster

Site of Prince William Henry Field, Thurnham Street, Lancaster

St George's Quay, Lancaster

Stonewell, Edward Johnson Memorial, Lancaster

Stonewell, Thomas Edmondson, Lancaster

The Canal Boat, Lady Fiona, Lancaster

The Canal Boat, Lady Fiona, Lancaster

The Canal, Dry Dock, Lancaster

The Canal, Fox's Bridge, Lancaster

The County Cinema, Lancaster

The Dispensary, Thurnham Street, Lancaster

The Kings Arms Hotel, Lancaster

White Lion Hotel, Lancaster

Windy Hill, Lancaster


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