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December 13, 2022

Fascinating Black and White Capture Life in Moscow During the Winter of 1959

In winter, Moscow's scenery looks awe-inspiring. Covered in a dusting of snow and sparkling with frost for most of the season, the capital is described by many as a magical city and a real gem to discover.

Take a look at life in Moscow in the winter of 1959 through these 23 fascinating black and white photos taken by Philippe Le Tellier:

People crossing the street.

Mother and son buying milk from a vendor.

People gathering to watch and feed the pigeons.

Two people pushing pram side by side at a park.

Silhouette of Saint Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square.

A woman sweeping a broom at a park.

Warmly-dressed children playing in a public garden.

A traffic policeman in the center of a wide cobbled avenue.

A man walking on the platform of Lenin's mausoleum.

Men playing chess in a courtyard.

Four men installing a model of Sputnik 1 on an abstract sculpture in a public garden.

A boy playing with a toy gun.

Line of people at a market.

A young bookseller at her stall.

Warmly-dressed children in a public garden.


A traffic policeman preparing to open the front trunk of a car.

A man sharpening his knife.

Elderly people in a public garden.

Two boys in uniform smiling on the sidewalk.

A young boy dressed in cold clothes and carrying his satchel.

A man wiping a child's face on Pushkin Square.

Red Square.

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  1. It's great to be here with everyone; I've learned a lot from your contributions, and I want to express my gratitude.




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