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December 22, 2022

20 Amazing Photographs of a Very Young and Beautiful Jane Fonda in the 1950s

Born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda on December 21, 1937, in New York City, Jane Fonda has enjoyed a tremendous career as an actress. She comes from a Hollywood dynasty of sorts. Her father Henry was one of the top actors of the 20th century. Her brother Peter and her niece Bridget have also had their share of success on the big screen.

Although she initially showed little inclination to follow her father’s trade, Fonda was prompted by Joshua Logan to appear with her father in the 1954 Omaha Community Theatre production of The Country Girl. Her interest in acting grew after meeting Lee Strasberg in 1958 and joining the Actors Studio.

Fonda’s career seemed to really take off in 1960. She made her film debut in Tall Story (1960) with Anthony Perkins. On Broadway, Fonda netted a Tony Award nomination for There Was a Little Girl. She continued to juggle theatrical and film work over the next few years. Working with director George Cukor, Fonda starred in the romantic comedy The Chapman Report (1962). She shared the Broadway stage with Celeste Holm in Invitation to a March and Dyan Cannon in The Fun Couple around this time.

Below is a selection of 20 amazing vintage portraits of a very young Jane Fonda in the 1950s:


  1. You may praise her all you want but she'll always be a treasonous bitch not worthy of any American's respect for her personal actions in Vietnam. I find her to be disgusting to this day and I will never see her as less than a subversive malcontent.




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