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December 20, 2022

30 Handsome Portrait Photos of Dewey Martin in the 1950s

Born 1923 in Katemcy, Texas, American actor Dewey Martin had his film debut in an uncredited part in Knock on Any Door (1949). He appeared in The Thing from Another World (1951), co-starred with Kirk Douglas in The Big Sky (1952), and with Humphrey Bogart as his younger escape convict brother in The Desperate Hours. He also played a lead role in Land of the Pharaohs (1955), and was featured opposite Dean Martin in his first post-Martin and Lewis film – Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) – but did not become a full-fledged star.

Martin worked extensively in television as well, including The Twilight Zone episode “I Shot an Arrow Into the Air” (1960) and The Outer Limits episode “The Premonition” (1965), co-written by Ib Melchior. Starting in 1960, he played Daniel Boone on four episodes of Walt Disney Presents.

Martin died in 2018 in San Pedro, California, at the age of 94. Take a look at these vintage photos to see portraits of a young and handsome Dewey Martin in the 1950s.


  1. Mr. Martin looks as if he would have made a great Superman!

  2. Yes, I agree he would have. I think he was so beautiful and also good actor.




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