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December 19, 2022

Vintage Photos of a Girls’ Camp in Texas From the 1930s

A series of gorgeous photos from Lynne’s Lens that show beautiful girls at Camp Waldemar in Texas from the 1930s.
“Recently, I came across seven gorgeous images of a girls’ camp from the 1930s. ‘Kerrville’ was stamped on the back of one of the photos, so I assumed this camp was somewhere in the Hill Country in Texas. Bingo! A few minutes of searching on the internet, and I found Camp Waldemar, which has been around since 1926 and is still in operation today:” 
“If you look at the History section, you’ll see old photos with the same wooden fence that is featured so prominently in my vintage snaps. Also, look at the Map on the website, and you'll see just how gorgeous this camp is today.” 
“I contacted the director of the camp, who enthusiastically confirmed that these images are of Camp Waldemar. I think I’m going to send the original images to her to keep in their archive. It seems that they belong back at Waldemar somehow.”
    Golfers, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

Archer, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

Art Club, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

Lovely Ladies, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

Modeling the Latest in Camp Wear, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

On the Bank, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

Woman and Horse, Camp Waldemar, Texas, circa 1930s

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