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November 24, 2022

Madonna on the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, September 1989

On September 21 1989, Madonna was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the second time that year (she was also featured on the cover in March 1989). Herb Ritts took some amazing shots of Madonna for the cover.

In 1989 Madonna had an upbeat hit love song called “Cherish” which was a real love song about love and being together with life and hope. The song was accompanied by a black and white music video that was directed by Herb Ritts and was filmed on July 22, 1989 at Paradise Cove Beach in Malibu, California. In the video, Madonna plays herself, while three co-actors dressed as mermen swim in and out of the sea. Its world premiere took place on MTV on August 21, 1989.

Ritts was one of Madonna’s preferred photographers at that time and so she asked him to direct the “Cherish” video. Ritts reportedly tried to talk her out of it by saying, “But I’m a still photographer. I don’t know anything about film.” Undaunted, Madonna replied simply, “Well you have a few weeks to learn.” The director practiced with a Super 8 film camera while working on a job in Hawaii and after returning confirmed to Madonna that he could helm the video. “Two weeks later, I was filming “Cherish.” I directed it and did the camera work as well. It was invigorating,” he told art curator Fran├žois Quintin in a 1999 interview.


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