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November 28, 2022

Jimi Hendrix Playing Guitar With His Teeth

When Jimi Hendrix began playing London, he pulled out all the tricks he’d learned. That included playing the guitar on his back on the ground; playing in between his legs; and playing with his teeth picking the guitar strings. His wild performances helped launch him on the British scene in 1966.

Later, as Hendrix’s songwriting talents grew and his songs became more complex, he didn’t want to keep pulling out his stage tricks. But audiences expected it by then. “The trouble was, audiences took it as something they must see or they didn’t enjoy the show,” he explained.

In the beginning, Hendrix didn’t concern himself with such things. In fact, he loved flashy stage routines — the flashier, the better. Over the years, Hendrix’s friends and bandmates from his “Chitlin’ Circuit” days recalled how he honed his techniques.

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