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November 19, 2022

27 Vintage Photos of Burkhart Billboards in Indiana From the 1980s

The year was 1964. Studebaker had closed its doors and South Bend was suffering. National newspaper and radio commentator Walter Winchell reportedly said that grass would overtake the streets of South Bend.

Amidst the economic and social depression, one man sought to inspire his neighbors. Charles Burkhart posted signs throughout town that read “I believe in South Bend” – a phrase that became a rallying cry for the community. This was the foundation for the company Burkhart founded the same year, Burkhart Advertising.

Still family-owned and operated by a third generation of Burkhart descendants, today the company partners with local and national clients to reach more than 3 million people with out-of-home advertising. Burkhart’s community has grown to include virtually all of northern Indiana.

Here below is a collection of amazing photos that shows Burkhart billboards in Indiana from the 1980s.

Wendy's New Taco Salad Billboard, somewhere in Indiana, 1982

Col. John Anderson's Furniture Gallery, Lafayette, Indiana, circa 1985

First National Bank, Kokomo, Indiana, December 1985

Howard Johnson Billboard, somewhere in Indiana, circa 1985

New McD.L.T Billboard, Indiana, November 1985

Quality Olds-GMC, Marion, Indiana, circa 1985

The Heidelberg, Lafayette, Indiana, circa 1985

Wendy's and WPTH Rock 95 Billboard, Fort Wayne, Indiana, circa 1985

Come Celebrate Alexandria's 150th Billboard, Alexandria, Indiana, June 20-29, 1986

Come to Logansport for the Best Deal, Logansport, Indiana, circa 1986

Coral Cars Billboard, North on 9 & 37 By-Pass, Marion, Indiana, August 1986

Coral Cars, Marion, Indiana, August 1986

Coral Cars, Marion, Indiana, May 1986

Engel Jewelers, Kokomo, Indiana, circa 1986

First Federal Savings and Loan Association, Lafayette, Indiana, circa 1986

Hardee's Billboard, somewhere in Indiana, circa 1986

Hiney Wine WBAT 1400 AM, Grant County, Indiana, circa 1986

Marion Independent Federal Credit Union, Marion, Indiana, circa 1986

Quality Olds-GMC, Marion, Indiana, circa 1986

Steak 'n Shake Billboard, somewhere in Indiana, circa 1986

The DeVoe Team, Alexandria, Indiana, July 1986

WAFX AM 1450, Fort Wayne, Indiana, circa 1986

WMDH Country FM 102, Muncie, Indiana, circa 1986

Citizens National Bank of Grant County, Indiana, circa 1980s

Conkle Pontiac, Kokomo, Indiana, circa 1980s

Rudd Hutcheson Olds-Cadillac-Avanti, Logansport, Indiana, circa 1980s

Smith's Shoe Repair & Leather, somewhere in Indiana, circa 1980s

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  1. Awesome. I'm a lifelong Hoosier and I remember Burkhart billboards very well.




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