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October 30, 2022

Vintage Halloween Party: 27 Fascinating Photos Show How People Celebrated the Ghoulish Holiday in the Past

While October 31 is a famous day of candy, costumes, and spooky Halloween decorations, the spooky holiday has evolved over the years from where it started.

From awkward office festivities to neighborhood costume parties, take a look back at how people celebrated Halloween in decades past through these 27 fascinating vintage pictures:

Early 20th-century partygoers pose for a Halloween photo.

These partygoers from the early twentieth century look utterly eerie.

These witches are bobbing for apples at a fancy Halloween party in 1922.

A group of men dressing as witches while holding brooms in their hands, 1922.

Children playing pumpkin ring toss, 1925.

Three girls wearing masked costumes in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1929.

Lucille Ball (first row, third from the left) rolled up to the party in a stroller, 1935.

Children surrounded by ghosts go bobbing for apples at a Halloween party around 1935.

Clowns and cowboy costumes were all the rage when it came to Halloween in the late '40s, 1946.

A ghoulish goblin and a painted clown embrace at a Halloween party in 1955.

Masked guests arrive at a fancy Halloween costume party circa 1956.

Witches brew, 1950s.

Costume party.

Costume party.

Costume party.

Guess Who?

Four masked trick-or-treaters gather around a jack-'o-lantern in the 1960s.

People dressing as skeletons and ghosts on their way to a Halloween party.

Coneheads Halloween party.

Halloween office party, 1960s.

Halloween office party, 1960s.

Halloween party, 1960s.

Homemade Star Wars costumes, 1977.

A Halloween party in the eighties.

A Halloween party in the eighties.

Twiggy and Tommy Tune dressing up for an event in 1984.

Children line up outside Park Will Elementary in Denver, waiting for their Halloween parade to start, 1986.


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