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October 7, 2022

This Mexican Artist Yarn Bombing Vintage Photographs of Celebrities and It’s Amazing!

Yarn bombing, also known as guerrilla knitting and ‘kniffiti’ normally involves artists wrapping multicolored yarn around the barks of trees, but this Mexican artist is taking the art form to the next, more human level.

Victoria Villasana is a Mexican textile artist, self described as a “yarn bombastic textile/street artist” whose trademark pieces are portraits embellished with yarn. After studying design at ITESO University in Mexico, she moved to London where she was inspired by the street art scene. There, she began making embroidery images in the streets, becoming well known in the London street art community for her rebellious femininity and acute cross-cultural imagery.

Influenced by history, culture and human relationships in a fragmented post-digital world, the bold dynamism of her work is revealed in uncut thread: breaking the frame, it lends a surreal and unfinished aesthetic that reflects the importance of acceptance of change, evolution and imperfection.

Villasana’s approach to textile is sensitive and intuitive. She draws inspiration from the craftsmanship and the textile traditions in Mexico and from across cultures, but uses textiles in her own way: “I want to honor these ancient traditions, but I do not simply want to copy them. I feel textiles are a tactile, comforting element in our psyche, from the pieces made by ancient cultures to the blankets our grandmothers used to make.”

She currently divides her time between Mexico and England, and continues to explore her medium through installation, social projects, editorial work and collaborations with artists, brands and galleries worldwide.

(Check out more of Victoria Villasana’s colorful work on Instagram)


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