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October 18, 2022

Want Dimples? In 1936, a Rochesterian Woman Patented a Device to Create Dimples

In 1936, Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, New York developed a machine to create dimples. In order to create the desired indentations, this device was worn over the cheeks while two knobs press into the cheeks. The advertisement released by her claimed that continual use could result in a fine set of dimples.
“Wear dimplers five minutes at a time, two or three times a day, while dressing, resting, reading or writing. Look into the mirror and laugh. There will be a semblance of a line where you should always place the dimplers until your dimples are made.”
The American Medical Association argued that the ‘Dimple Maker’ would not make dimples or even enlarge original dimples. They also stated that prolonged use of the devise may actually cause cancer.

Mrs. Gilbert made up to 12000 dollars in profit from the sale of this product. She also had other beauty products in her collection. Not only is the ‘Dimple Maker’ an unfortunate invention, but it also sounds (and looks) like it would hurt!


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