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October 6, 2022

In 2018, Nick Castle Recreated Iconic Behind the Scenes Photos From the Set of ‘Halloween’ After 40 Years

Nick Castle is an American actor, screenwriter, and film director, best known for his role as Michael Myers in Halloween (1978).

Originally, Castle, a childhood friend of director John Carpenter, was just there to watch his friend make a movie. However, it was at the suggestion of Carpenter that he take up the role of Michael Myers rather than paying a stuntman to do the role. Castle was payed about twenty-five dollars a day for his role in the film.

Michael was portrayed by Nick Castle in almost every scene, except for some pick-up shots and the unmasking scene, where he was replaced by Tony Moran. Castle admitted he was disappointed to not be the face shown, but understood that Carpenter wanted a more “angelic” face to juxtapose with Myers’ ghastly deeds. However, there is a scene where Castle appears as Michael without the mask, when Michael leaps on top of the car in the rain at the beginning of the film. The scene was lit only by the car’s taillights and lasted not even two seconds, so many people do not remember Castle in the shot. Castle had to do the take in the cold water many times, and got sick as a result. However, the experience was mainly fun for Castle. He can be seen in many production stills having fun with the mask. These include pretending to kiss Jamie Lee Curtis, pretending to drink some Dr. Pepper, and holding the mask next to his own face with a funny expression.

Nick Castle didn’t reprise his role in any of the Halloween sequels or reboots produced between 1981 and 2009. He would return to portray the role of Michael Myers/the Shape for the 2018 movie Halloween, which follows on forty years since the first one and ignores all sequels released in-between, making him the third actor (the first two being George P. Wilbur and Tyler Mane) to play Michael in more than one film.


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