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October 24, 2022

Photographs of Keith Moon of the Who Dressing Up in Drag in the 1970s

A heterosexual drag queen, his favorite drag was as the Queen. As Dougal Butler, his personal assistant puts it, Moonie “frequently takes it into his head to act the ginger beer, especially if he can get hold of a dress or two.”

According to super-groupie Pamela Des Barres, during the time she dated Keith Moon for about a year, Moon seemed to be happiest when he was “anyone but himself.” During their short time together, Des Barres recalled that Moon enjoyed dressing up in her clothes and “frolicking” in her high-heels in the middle of the night, as well as trading “sexes” for kicks from time to time.

“I have many memories of my darling Mr. Moon. He loved to wear my clothes in the middle of the night, frolicking naughtily in my high-heeled shoes. He took me shopping for record albums on Hollywood Boulevard, dramatically increasing my collection of groovy LPs. He paid for me to join the Screen Actors Guild when I wanted to become an actress...“

“We shared a dressing room with the Bee Gees, and they watched in transfixed amazement while Keith donned several outfits […] His last character, the sleazy blonde hooker, got into an intense argument with my character, the missionary out to save his/her hopelessly damned soul. He was happy being anybody but himself.”

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