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October 27, 2022

Mesmerizing and Haunting: The Surreal and Stunning Artwork of Jaco Putker

Jaco Putker is a contemporary artist and printmaker from The Hague, The Netherlands. He combines digital and traditional techniques to produce images which are both playful and sinister, nostalgic and magical. His preferred medium is photopolymer, or solar plate, etching. This technique is a non-toxic way of etching which allow for photorealistic depictions.

The Pig Suite No.7: Pearls Before Swine

Rather than impose a meaning to his work, Putker invites the viewers to associate freely and give his etchings personal significance through individual perceptions and filters. He considers his works to be illustrations to fables which don't exist, but hopefully take shape in the beholders' minds.

Putker has won several awards and has exhibited his pictures across the world from Tokyo to Chicago, China to Britain. He claims there is no one influence on his work other than his abiding interest in “Nature and in how nature works, in its perfection and self-reliance and its power of rejuvenation and destruction. In how it has a profound effect on not just me, but on virtually every human being.”

The Pig Suite No.3: Here & There

Interior No.9

Interior No.105

Interior No.126

Interior No.130

Interior No.135: The Plagiarist

Exterior No.34: Moving House I

Exterior No.35: On The Far Bank Across The Lake

Exterior No.42: Moving House II

Exterior No.55

The Estates No.1

The Estates No.5

The Ropes No.2

Wings of Wood

Wings of Wood 2

The Grounds No.11

The Grounds No.22

The Boys and The Hat

The Girl and The Mushrooms

The Boy and The Masks

The Girl and The Chameleon

The Girl from The Woods

The Boy and The Ants

The Man and The Balloon

(via Jaco Putker)


  1. The first worthwhile gallery you have posted in years.

  2. These are so cool! Interesting :-D




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