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September 14, 2022

French Artist Recreated Famous Vintage American Ads With Pop Culture Icons, And They Are Amazing!

David Redon, an art director at an advertising agency in Paris, has created a selection of prints merging famous vintage adverts with modern-day celebrities, including Rihanna, Drake, Jay Z and Daft Punk.

Each celebrity is paired with a retro advert referencing their career or personality, whether that’s Daft Punk playing poker for a ‘Get Lucky’ casino poster or Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it!’ transformed into a poster for mosquito spray. Other cameos include Rhianna and Drake in a beauty ad entitled ‘Take Care,’ Amy Winehouse advertising ‘Back to Black’ coffee and Pharrel and his ‘Happy’ Toothpaste.

David told Adweek that he had explored the project as of way of showcasing the fine line between art and the consumerism. “I like the shift between vintage and modern pop culture, because these days the border between art and commercial is very small, and artists work their images like brands do. ... It takes me one or two hours to create an ad. I search for the ads I like and then retouch in the artists and sometimes modify the layout, create a logo, etc.”


  1. Amazingly stupid. Why do you post this shit?

    1. Because it amuses some people, you repugnant idiot.

    2. Some people are amused by their own navel. That doesn't mean posting pics of your navel online is worthwhile. Amusement is subjective of course, but you seem like one of those people who are amused by grass growing or paint drying. Good for you, I am sure that makes for an enjoyable life. But for most of the world, this sort of dreck is unpalatable.

  2. Total crap. Please never post pop culture trash again. Thanks.




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