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September 28, 2022

Fabulous Portrait Photos of Victorian Women With Ringlet Hairstyles

Hairstyles during the Victorian era ranged from the remarkably simple to the immensely complex. Women strove for demure, neat looks, especially in the early part of the era, and young women in particular wore their hair down in ringlets and other curls.

Victorian up-do styles often involved elaborate braids and coils, but some simpler buns also existed. Additionally, women frequently adorned their hair with hairnets, bonnets and flowers.

Ringlet hair is also one of hairstyles of this era. Ringlets are often also known as princess curls or corkscrew curls. It is achieved by wrapping a lock of hair around the length of a thin curling iron or can be done naturally by people with sufficiently tightly curled hair. The curls can also be achieved by hair rollers. Loose ringlets can be created just by twisting wet hair as well. These fabulous photos captured portraits of Victorian women with their ringlet hairstyles.


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