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September 29, 2022

Nasenformer “Zello” (Zello Noseformer!), an Old-Timey German Nose-Error-Correcting Contraption From the 1930s

This delightful vintage German contraption will cure your nose erros (Potato Nose, Saddle Nose, Duckbill Nose, Wide Nose, Pointy Nose, Long Nose, Hook Nose and Slant Nose) and give you a “Greco-Roman Normal Form” in short order. All for 7-10 marks!

Text: SUCH NOSE ERRORS and similar will be quite significantly improved with the orthopedic nose former “Zello”. The new and improved Model 20 exceeds all others. Double-layered padding clings exactly to the anatomical structure of the nose so that the affected nasal cartilage is normal-shaped in a short time. (Bone deformities are not.) Most warmly recommended by Royal Court Advisor Dr. G. von Eck, M.D. and other medical authorities. 100,000 “Zello” in use. Price 5 Marks, 7 Marks, and 10 Marks and a 10% surcharge for a doctor’s visit. (A model or impression is desired.) Specialist L. M. Baginski, Berlin W. 126, WInterfeldstr.
According to The Atlantic, Zello was just one of several quirky inventions from German entrepreneur and marketing specialist Leo Maximilian Baginski. Baginski quit his first job following a mercantile apprenticeship to market and sell an all-purpose bottle cap he designed. Successful, Baginski went on to acquire a pharmaceutical company before leaving the day-to-day operations of his company to his sisters while he fought in World War I. With the war over, Baginski returned to what he knew best, inventing and marketing. He put out a massage device and the Spalt tablet for menstrual pain before accusations of employing forced laborers landed Baginski in the Buchenwald concentration camp.


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