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September 6, 2022

40 Amazing Photos Capture Everyday Life of Germany During WWII

Some aspects of life in Germany changed immediately upon the outbreak of war on 1 September 1939; others changed more slowly. Germany did not fully mobilize at first. In fact, it was not until 1943 that Germany focussed its economy on war production. Nazi policy was not to burden the people on the home front because they feared domestic unrest; something the Nazis believed had led to Germany’s capitulation in 1918.

Germany during WWII

For most Germans, life during the early stages of the war was reasonably comfortable. Germany was blockaded by Britain so there were some shortages, especially of oil, rare metals, and to some foodstuffs. General building materials had been diverted to war purposes and were also hard to get. But thanks to the Nazi-Soviet Pact, large shipments of raw materials were being sent regularly from the Soviet Union. In addition, Germany ruthlessly plundered the countries it occupied. The Nazis seized military hardware, industrial plant, railway stock, manufactured goods, foodstuffs and livestock.

After the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, life in Germany started to deteriorate. The supply of raw materials dried up and there would be a delay before arrangements could be made to plunder the Soviet Union on any meaningful scale. The retreating Soviet forces carried out a ruthless policy of scorched earth, destroying anything useful they could not carry away with them.

These amazing photos will give you a glimpse of what life of Germany looked like during WWII.

A couple with their car in National Socialist Germany during WWII

A day at the beach in Germany during WWII

A family having fun at the beach in Germany during WWII

A German boy enjoying a day with his model sailboat, circa WWII

A German couple taking a 'selfie', circa WWII

A German family enjoying Christmas during WWII

A German mother and her children have fun at the beach, circa WWII

A German reading a copy of the Völkischer Beobachter during WWII

A German woman sunning herself while reading a copy of the NSDAP newspaper the Völkischer Beobachter, circa WWII

A loving couple in Germany during WWII

A man enjoying a ride on his BMW motorcycle in Germany during WWII

A mother and daughter enjoying a day at the beach in Zinnowitz, Germany during WWII

A parade in Germany during WWII

A wide-eyed German boy enjoying his Christmas gifts, circa WWII

An improvised 'dog sleigh' in Germany during WWII

Children playing in Germany during WWII

Enjoying the beach in Germany during WWII

Erntedankfest (Harvest Festival) in Germany during WWII

Family fun at the beach in Germany during WWII

German women having a bit of fun for the camera during WWII

German youth having fun, circa WWII

Germany during WWII

Having a fun day in the snow in Germany during WWII

Ladies in the RADwJ having a bit of fun, Germany, circa WWII

Members of the German Luftwaffe showing off cycling acrobatic skills, circa WWII

Mother and son enjoy time together at the beach in Zinnowitz, Germany during WWII

Newly wed couple with their natural gas (or coal gas) operated car, Düsseldorf, Germany during WWII

Rub-a-dub-dub, five 'kinder' in a tub in Germany during WWII

Sisters on a bike in Germany during WWII

Summer at the beach in Germany, circa WWII

Summer time in Zinnowitz, Germany during WWII

Summer time in Zinnowitz, Germany during WWII

Summertime at the beach in Germany during WWII

Two German members of the RADwJ travelling by train, circa WWII

Two ladies pose in front of a Konditorei in Germany displaying a Coca-Cola sign, circa WWII

Women enjoying a cigarette, Germany during WWII

Young German girls sitting on a Wehrmacht motorcycle during WWII

Young Germans enjoying a day of leisure during WWII

Young women enjoying a day at the beach in Zinnowitz, Germany during WWII

Young women in Germany during WWII


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