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September 1, 2022

Freddie Mercury Posing on the Roof of His Limousine, ca. 1984

“Ok Freddie, we’re just going to take a simple press photo. You ready?”
“I’m always ready darling...”

These rarely seen photographs are from the book Freddie Mercury in New York – Don’t Stop Us Now! by Lee Nolan and Thor Arnold.

Freddie never took a driving test, but it didn’t stop him owning five cars in his lifetime. He firmly believed that all of us are here for a reason; Freddie’s was all to do with music, creating, recording and performing. Other people were here to drive cars.

The first one he bought was one of the very big black Daimler limousines, as he thought that was what famous people should be seen in. John Reid quickly pointed out the it was a glorified fish bowl and far too pretentious for a day to day car. Once “Bohemian Rhapsody” made him some money he bought his Silver Cloud Rolls Royce and also a black and burgundy Daimler/Jaguar which he used most days. Later, when Terry started looking after Freddie’s security and driving him around, he got rid of the Jaguar and bought a black Mercedes 420 SEL, which he used until 1991. The Rolls was garaged when not in use and Freddie’s driver always took the other car home. The fifth car was an Ox Blood Red Lincoln Town Car that Freddie bought when he bought his apartment in New York, so that he didn’t have to hire cars there. There was also a paid driver in New York for him. There was a Grey Volvo for sale on eBay a while ago with Freddie as a registered owner. In fact, it was the car Freddie bought for Jim Hutton through his company.


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