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September 10, 2022

Ever-Float: Safety Swim Suit Overcomes Fear of Water and Helps You Stay Afloat!

In 1970, a new kind of splash was being made in America’s watering spots by a swim suit that keeps a woman afloat even if she couldn’t swim. And the Ever-Float Safety Swim Suit did it all without gadgets of any kind to inflate or adjust.

Lee Beachwear Company, exclusive makers of Ever-Float, achieve permanently built-in buoyancy with puncture-proof panels composed of millions of captive air cells. The wafer-thin panels can be felt in the hand, but become invisible on the figure and actually work like a girdle to slenderize.

Thousands have proved Ever-Float’s desirability at resorts from coast to coast; and thousands more are asking for this water-wonder every day.

Ever-Float suits combine buoyancy with fashion in quick-drying faille lastex. Available in several smart styles and colors, each with built-in bra and removable straps. It all adds up to a lot of safety in the water and beauty on the beach.

The Dolphin Style, like all Ever-Float suits, is scientifically sized according to height and weight for peak performance.

The Surf Queen (left) and the Beach Mate (right), are two of the many smart Ever-Float styles that have invisible girdle action to slenderize the figure.


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