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September 9, 2022

Six Serious Reasons for Owning a Fun-to-Drive AMC Gremlin X., 1978

It’s interesting how much more reliable cars have gotten since this time. The fact that a company would advertise the fact they had a 12 year 12,000 mile warranty is kind of sad. And this is AMC, not company that was particularly famous for reliability. Current warranty terms from auto-makers implies a bit more confidence in their products.

Six serious reasons for owning a fun-to-drive AMC Gremlin X.
1. Good performance and fuel economy is provided by the peppy 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed gear box. EPA estimated mileage ratings: 35 highway; 22 city; 27 combined.*

2. Sporty Levi’s® fabric bucket seats.

3. Extra width to give you plenty of road-hugging stability plus interior room and comfort.

4. Extra wide rear hatch and fold-down rear seat for quick, easy access to loads of space.

5. Steel belted radials, front sway bar, front disc brakes and Extra Quiet Insulation are all standard for your driving pleasure.

6. AMC’s exclusive BUYER PROTECTION PLAN® is the only full warranty that covers everything on your car, except tires, for 12 months or 12,000 miles.
*Actual mileage may vary depending on your car’s condition and optional equipment and how and where you drive. California figures lower.

AMC Gremlin

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