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September 19, 2022

Vintage Portrait Photos of Miss Europe 1930’s Beauties

Miss Europe is a beauty pageant for European women from all over Europe. It was established in February 1927 by Fanamet, the European distributor of Paramount, as a one-off event where the winner was to star in a film directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau. Štefica Vidačić of Yugoslavia was the winner and the first ever Miss Europe.

Beauties of Miss Europe 1930

Miss Europe was later re-established in December 1928 by French journalist Maurice de Waleffe (1874–1946), who also created, in 1920, what by 1927 had become the Miss France pageant. Miss Europe, under de Waleffe, was first held at the Paris Opera with participants from 18 countries. The first contest under de Waleffe did not occur until February 1929.

Miss Europe 1930 was the third annual Miss Europe competition and second under French journalist Maurice de Waleffe. Miss Greece won and 19 girls from Europe competed in the pageant. Belgium participated for the first time and one candidacy, that of Switzerland, was withdrawn. Czechoslovakia and Turkey returned to the pageant, they haven’t competed since 1927.

Here is a set of vintage photos that shows portraits of beauties of Miss Europe 1930.

Miss Austria Inge von Greenberg

Miss Belgium Janet Van Parys

Miss Bulgaria Kunqu Christus Chobanov-Nedev

Miss Czechoslovakia Milada Dostálová

Miss Denmark Esther Peterson

Miss England Marjorie Ross

Miss France Yvonne Labrus

Miss Germany Dorit Nitikovski

Miss Holland Rie van der Rest

Miss Hungary Maria Papst

Miss Ireland Vera Curran

Miss Italy Mafalda Mariottino

Miss Poland Sophia Batytskaya

Miss Romania Zoya Don

Miss Russia Irina Wentzel

Miss Spain Elena Pla Mompo

Miss Turkey Namik Mabedzhel

Miss Yugoslavia Stephanie Drobnjak

Miss Greece Aliki Diplaraku, the winner

Misses Russia, Austria, and Holland in Paris


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