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September 21, 2022

35 Gorgeous Wedding Photos From the 1920s

During and after WWI, the wedding industry had few ceremonies. This began to change in the 1920s. Widowed young women married new young husbands lucky enough to return from the War, while middle aged brides also found second husbands, often much older. The excitement of weddings was once again a regular occurrence with new and old traditions melding in the post war era.

At the start of the 1920s, brides, especially second-time brides and those of limited means, were choosing to forgo traditional wedding dresses and instead wear a nice dress or suit. These were often worn with white accessories such as a cape, coat, veil, hat, and gloves to give them that special wedding look. These same accessories may have been worn traveling to the bridal honeymoon to indicate they were “just married.”

Brides could buy ready made wedding gowns from department stores or specialty bridal shops popping up in big cities. The wealthy may have visited Paris to order a custom wedding gown from a luxury designer. Here below is a set of gorgeous wedding photos in the 1920s.


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