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August 18, 2022

“Twin Screw Life Belt” Saves Victim at 10 M. P. H., 1933

In 1933, B. Nonomura, a Japanese lawyer of Los Angeles, had for several years been contemplating a trip to his native country. So remembering his stormy voyage to this country years ago, and being unable to swim, Nonomura turned inventor and at an inventor’s exhibit at Los Angeles recently he proudly displayed a new self-propelled life preserver, on which he has succeeded in obtaining patent papers.

B. Nonomura, Los Angeles lawyer, wearing the life belt which he invented for his trip home to Japan. The twin screws, turned by the hand crank, drives wearer 10 m.p.h.

Going around the waist and fastening over the shoulders in the regular manner, his preserver has the added feature of twin screws in the rear which are turned by hand with cranks. His device will not only keep the man erect in the water, but can move forward at the rate of ten miles per hour. Mr. Nonomura is seen with his new style life preserver in the photo above.


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