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August 31, 2022

Beautiful Photos of People With Hanomag Rekord Automobiles

The Hanomag Rekord is a mid-size car produced by Hanomag in Hannover from 1933 until 1940. The car was Hanomag’s first mid-size model and one of the first mass-produced cars available with a Diesel engine.

Hanomag introduced the Rekord as the 6/32 PS intermediate model in autumn of 1933; the first car to bear the Rekord name followed shortly thereafter in February 1934. Compared with the 6/32 PS, the Rekords have a longer wheelbase, independent front suspension and different engine ancillaries.

In 1937, the vehicle was updated with a new “streamlined” back, and the production of the Diesel engine model commenced – prior to 1937, all Rekords were fitted with an Otto (spark ignition) engine.

In total, Hanomag built 19,104 Rekords. Here is a small set of beautiful photos of people with their Hanomag Rekord automobiles.


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