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August 11, 2022

“Je suis comme un poisson dans l’eau” – Tampax

The literal translation for this French tampon ad: “I am like a fish in the water.”

Even if you cannot speak or understand French, what the image in this ad suggests is extremely offensive. This Tampax poster that recommends the use of their feminine hygiene product has gone way below the belt, no pun intended, by letting a fish dangle below a woman’s crotch. If they want to sell their feminine wash, deliberately insinuating that a woman’s groin area smells like a fish is a horrible way to go about it.

Many women are self-conscious about vaginal odor, and though bacterial vaginosis is common among women of childbearing age, the fishy scent that accompanies this condition is not something women would openly discuss—or, in this case, want to be splashed all over billboards and flyers.

When translated, the caption reads, “I am like a fish in the water.” Well, that did not help save this ad from being offensive.


  1. This is normal for France. The french are not so easily-PC-Principal offended by such funny things as the US. The US are generally offended by the smallest sexual suggestion, let alone the nipplegates...
    Another example ad from France - which is for lube and takes a few seconds to get:

    1. True, but this is the internet...a global format. One should take into account the cultures of the main. It appears that this site has done so, admitting that the image is offensive, but the fact that they published it anyway indicates a deliberate act of offense on their part. They purposely sought to offend people by posting it. That is much different than what French advertisers do, they are not deliberately seeking to offend people. Quite the opposite.

    2. Note that the ad is not real. It is from the French satire magazine Hara Kiri:

    3. Whether it is real or not is quite irrelevant to the conversation, which is addressing deliberately posting material which it knows and admits is offensive.

  2. "...what the image in this ad suggests is extremely offensive."
    So we are going to repost it here on our website so that more people can see it!
    Sheesh, do you guys even think about what you are doing before you do it?

  3. Still, this reminds my of my local supermarket which has a fresh (or not so) fish counter right near the feminine products isle.




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