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August 20, 2022

Use Car Power to Grind Meat, 1932

Now  you can operate your meat chopper, ice cream freezer, apple parer, or practically any other device turned by a crank without work or worry, thanks to the simple idea of an Illinois inventor in 1932.

Gasoline power does the work of driving this food chopper, whose shaft is attached to the length of strap iron bolted between two opposite rim lugs of the car wheel, as shown.

A strap iron strip just long enough to fasten between rim bolts on opposite sides of the car wheel is made. The shaft of the device to be operated is then attached to the center of the strap. All that remains is to jack up the rear wheel, start up the motor and let ‘er rip.

The picture shows the arrangement in operation. It’s handy for picnics where much food has to be prepared outdoors. Naturally the shaft of the food chopper must be practically in line with the hub of the wheel.


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