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August 8, 2022

Cameraman Wears His Darkroom, 1932

Pity the poor news cameraman. In other days he carried his camera slung over his shoulders, but now he must wear it.

English newspaper cameraman wears his camera. Giant box, worn on shoulder, houses portable darkroom, which permits photographer to take pictures and develop films on the spot.

This innovation in cameras, shown in the photo, made its first appearance during a sports meet in Birmingham, England. The camera is a combination portable developing and printing room. In order to speed up the business of gathering news photographs for the papers, the cameraman not only takes his pictures, but immediately develops and prints them also on the spot, using the light weight outfit built into the large camera.

With the use of this camera, every function of photographing is performed on the field, so that the editor gets the picture along with the story.


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