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August 15, 2022

The Lost Photographs of Andy Warhol and His Crew in 1966

In 1966, Larry Fink photographed Andy Warhol and his Factory friends for a small literary magazine that went bust. The pictures were never published, and Fink thought nothing of them until just recently when they were unearthed from his archive.

“Andy is now known by all kinds of people as a renaissance man and I glommed onto that renaissance and tried to see if I could demystify it,” said Fink.

The photos of Warhol and his crew, shot around Manhattan’s Lower East Side, included Edie Sedgwick, Lou Reed, John Cale, Ingrid Superstar and Gerard Malanga and were part of a fashion shoot for the literary magazine East Side Review. The magazine went out of business before the images were even published and as the decades went on, they had been shelved in Fink’s vast archive in 2015.

“I spent four days with Andy and the gang at The Factory and in the streets,” Fink wrote. “It was a lark. While Andy was everywhere, he was nowhere to be found on the political lines of protest and concern. He floated around it as if its existence was not any issue he was concerned about. So be it, the days I spent with him were ironic and in a way, fun-filled.”


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