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August 29, 2022

25 Vintage Photographs of Motorhomes From the 1950s

The origins of the motorhome date back to 1910, when the Pierce-Arrow motor company introduced the Touring Landau model at the Madison Square Garden auto show. The Pierce-Arrow’s entry was specialized for the camper in mind—providing cargo compartments for camping equipment and even an on-board toilet.

In the 1920s, individual builders and manufactures began to convert panel trucks and buses to be used for camping. Designers patterned these “housecars” after airplanes, boats, and buses.

RV production was halted during World War Two and would not resume for the domestic market until the 1950s. When production did begin again, designers began grafting trailer bodies onto truck or bus chassis.

Here, below is a set of vintage photos that shows people with their motorhomes from the 1950s.

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  1. 5th from the top was taken in 2008:

    Is 2008 considered vintage?




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