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July 13, 2022

Why Drink Water, When You Can Drink Schlitz? 1904 Schlitz Beer Ad You Won’t Believe!

This vintage Schlitz beer ad is from a 1904 Puck Magazine. Reading carefully the ad does not proclaim that you drink ten glasses of beer per day, but it certainly infers it:

Doctors Say Drink More Schlitz

The body requires ten glasses of fluid per day.

Most people drink less—too little to flush the body of its waste. The result is bad blood, nervousness, disease.

Then the doctor says “Drink more;” and he knows this advice to be worth more than medicine.

That’s one reason why pure beer is good for you. It leads you to drink more—gives the body more fluid. And that fluid is also a food and a tonic.

But the beer must be pure.

Schlitz beer is brewed in absolute cleanliness and cooled in filtered air. It is aged for months before we market it, so it will not cause biliousness. And every bottle is sterilized after it is sealed. That’s why doctors always say “Schlitz.” Ask for the brewery bottling.

The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous


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