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July 30, 2022

35 Vintage Photographs Documented Life in Morocco in the 1960s

Harrison Forman (1904-1978) was a prominent photojournalist, explorer, author, and fellow of the American Geographical Society. As a foreign correspondent, Forman’s images and articles appeared in the New York Times, Times of London, Life, Look, Collier’s, Harpers, and Reader’s Digest

Forman traveled the world with the eye of an anthropologist.  He was fascinated by the lives, culture, economies, governments and infrastructure of each place he visited.  Known in his heyday as the “Modern Day Marco Polo,” Forman was often the first Westerner to have access to the people and places he visited and seemed to always be in the right place at the right time, witnessing significant moments in history and documenting them with his photography. 

Take a look at life in Morocco in the 1960s through these 35 beautiful and fascinating pictures taken by Forman:

Directional sign in intersection pointing to Casablanca and Marrakech

Bird's-eye view of Jamaa el-Fna square, Marrakech marketplace

Men and boys in Jewish Quarter of Marrakech

Spectators at event

Women in niqabs and abayas walking in street

Men playing checkers on sidewalk in front of shop

People walking through Jewish Quarter in Marrakech

Tents at Berber nomad camp

Pedestrians walking past stores in Rabat

Boys walking bicycles through souk

Merchants in Fez

Arched walkway through souk in Rabat

Woman with pack-donkey at Berber camp

Seated men drinking tea at souk in Marrakech

Camel caravan traveling through town

Horse-drawn carriage parked next to automobiles in Fez

Man finger-painting vases in Rabat pottery shop

Children filling buckets from a faucet

People walking through passageway in Marrakech

Rabat surrounded by city walls

Street scene in front of Rabat Post Office, Rabat

Portrait of Berber woman in headscarf and Moroccan coin jewelry

Berber people walking through town

Children playing in street in Marrakech

Merchants selling goods at Tangier market

Berber musicians playing instruments in Atlas Mountains

Man bicycling on street in Rabat business district

Shepherd leading sheep through village in Atlas Mountains

People bicycling past modern buildings in Rabat

People walking through souk on cobblestone street in Rabat

Man riding mule through Blue Gate in Fez

Berber women and child inside tent at camp

Muslim women in Casablanca

Man filling animal skin with water front fountain in Marrakech

People walking through narrow street in souk

(via University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries)


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