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July 17, 2022

“Do You Still Beat Your Wife?” – From Modern Man Magazine, November 1960

This bizarre comic, courtesy of Illinois-based Co-Le Sales Company, appears to be selling a booklet entitled “Why You Should Beat Your Wife,” written by an “eminent practitioner of this manly art.”

The ad, was in the November 1960 issue of Modern Man magazine, asks: “Do you still beat your wife?” before going to suggest “maybe you should never have stopped.”

The company sold a “rollicking, provocative, yet educational” booklet about the benefits of wife-beating. “Why You Should Beat Your Wife” was written by a proud practitioner of the so-called manly art. At a time when some husbands had probably advanced in thinking and realized domestic violence had no place in their home, Co-Le Sales Company states that men should never have stopped the barbaric practice to keep traditional masculine norms and maintain their dominance over women.

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  1. i see the image has been taken down. no doubt too many delicate flowers were triggered by the illustration so why bother having the post at all? down the memory hole!!!!




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