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July 3, 2022

20 Vintage Nail Polish Ads From the 1980s

There are many great nail polish designs that were introduced to the general public in the 1980s. Nail polish back then was just being made in small amounts, and it was mainly done as a way to mimic the look of natural nails without actually having to use real nails.

Many people in the 1980s also believed that polishes made from acrylics were more durable than those that were created from other types of substances. It is kind of difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of nail polish was being used at the time, so all you really need to know about is how nail polish was back then.

Look back at these vintage nail polish ads from the 1980s to see the most awesome colors and brands that were out there for a retro DIY manicure.

Cutex pink nail polishes, 1980s.

L’erin new spring shades, 1980s.

Tan on Tan, 1980s.

New! Maybelline ManiCure Nail Color, 1981.

Nail color that looks wet, even when it’s dry, 1982.

“Red”, she said, 1981.

Sheer is here, 1981.

Nail Blush. Wow!, 1982.

Let L’erin color glaze to the talking, 1982.

“Super Nails” by Natural Wonder, 1982.

Maybelline ManiCure nail color, 1983.

AVON Single Stroke One Coat nail enamel, 1987.

Avon – Look how fast you’re polished now, 1987.

Fashion Fair Color Seduction nail polish and makeup, 1989.

Cindy Crawford for Revlon, 1989.

Maybelline Long Wearing nail color and Performance 10, 1989.


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