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July 4, 2022

Amazing Knitted Helmets From the 1970s

While the origins of knitting are unclear, we know it has been practiced in many different parts of the world, over many centuries, producing objects of great beauty as well as items fulfilling practical needs. When done by hand, it has used simple tools, such as hand-carved sticks of wood, bone, quill and ivory or metal wires and fine steel knitting needles that were commonplace in the 19th century.

Knitting soon became a local industry in the Highlands and Scotland, employing men in factories to knit stockings that were exported to the rest of Europe. Soon, hats, shawls, bags, jumpers and other forms of knitwear were available in the market.

By the 20th century, knitwear was part of mainstream fashion. With the introduction of jersey dresses, cardigans and jumpers by fashion labels like Chanel, knitwear was a practical, fashionable and modern choice for men and women.

Home-knitting continued to be a popular way to create items for warmth and for children but it reached another peak during the Second World War when people were encouraged to pick up needles for the war effort. While domestic home-knitting continued through the 1950s, the knitwear made by machine-knitting was more varied than ever and more affordable. It wasn’t until the craft countermovement of the 1970s that hand-knitting gained an influence once again. Here, below is a gallery of amazing knitted helmets from the 1970s:


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