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July 9, 2022

30 Vintage Found Photos of Young Girls in Swimsuits From the 1950s

The post-war economic boom meant that people were not only spending more money they also wanted luxurious new styles. This economic boom also resulted in the return of fashion.

Ladies of the 1950s sure knew how to make an entrance to the beaches or poolside parties. Despite their modesty, 1950s swimsuits and bathing suits had plenty of style and personality.

Fabrics of swimsuits made in the 1950s were very different than the ones you tend to see in the market today, although this was improved compared to the 1940s. Nylon and elastic was added to jersey fabric to make it stretchy and to make it dry faster after a dip. Improvements were also made to the rubberized material from the 1940s Lastex. This, along with cotton, acetate and taffeta made up most of the swimsuit materials in the 1950s.

These vintage photos were found by Steven Martin that show young girls in swimsuits from the 1950s.

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  1. These "Girls" are all 80+ year old Grandmothers




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